Associate Brown Bagger Recap
Monday, February 29, 2016
by: Frank Shultz, GotUWired

Section: News

The event was held at AO Reed, lunch was provided by Meaghan O'Brien of Commercial Cleaning Systems, and dessert by Ephraim of Ben and Jerry’s Catering. Since I have not been with BOMA for quite a year yet, I thought it fitting to attend the Brown Bagger and help provide some of my own first year experience as a Service Provider. 

There were some 30-plus providers and a couple other long term members in attendance. Barry, Ephraim, and I were there representing Membership committee.  Most of the attendees were very new to BOMA and were very engaged in the discussion led by Barry.  We did a couple ice breaker exercises which got people starting to talk and be more open within the group. Some of the topics discussed were:  BOMA buddies, lunch and mixer attendance, and how to become more active, being involved, volunteering on committees, and how to meet other members.

All in all, I felt that the Brown Bagger event was very useful in that everyone benefited from all the feedback and discussions surrounding the BOMA organization, and now they all have a base of BOMA friends from the Brown Bagger group of attendees. Based on the response, we might consider doing this at least twice a year.

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