Rebuild San Diego
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
by: Lynn Hulbert, Providien Property Management, Inc.

Section: News

January 25, 2016
The Honorable Mark Kersey
City of San Diego
202 C Street, #10A
San Diego, CA 92101
Dear Councilmember Kersey:
On behalf of BOMA San Diego, our 300 members companies, and the thousands of employees we represent in the building management industry, please accept this letter of support for your Rebuild San Diego Infrastructure Investment Charter Amendment Measure.
We applaud your recognition of the City’s need for a dedicated funding source for repair, replacement, and upgrades to city assets and appreciate the plan’s discipline and flexibility. We truly appreciate the leadership that Mayor Faulconer and the City Council has shown on prioritizing infrastructure and look forward to continuing the discussion on ensuring balance between the needs of both neighborhoods and the business community.
As the Council and City Attorney’s office develop the specific definition of infrastructure for the purposes of this measure, BOMA San Diego strongly encourages the inclusion of affordable housing funding and for this component to be designated as a priority item.
BOMA San Diego believes that this plan is the right, responsible way to deal with infrastructure financing without overburdening the general fund or raising taxes, while simultaneously retaining flexibility to address any emergency needs that may arise, and for these reasons offer this letter of support for the Rebuild San Diego Infrastructure Investment Charter Amendment measure.

Lynn Hulbert
BOMA San Diego 

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