Closing Out the Year on a 'Lighter' Note
Monday, November 30, 2015
by: Craig Benedetto, BOMA San Diego Legislative Consultant

Section: News

On the heels of the successful passage of AB 802, which will help rework energy disclosure for commercial properties, and the stoppage of any effort to create a split-roll property tax system in California, at least for the next year, BOMA California and BOMA San Diego are closing out the year with another significant achievement, this time on the regulatory front with the California Energy Commission (CEC). 
In early 2015, as the Title 24 regulations adopted in 2013 aimed at reducing nonresidential energy usage took effect, a number of members statewide reached out to inform BOMA of the major impacts on cost and the complexity of tenant improvements.  As these costs and complexities became better understood, it was clear that many retrofit projects were being held up or canceled as a result of these poorly crafted regulations.  Adding further frustration was the fact that the energy savings projected by the CEC wouldn’t be achieved via the measures put into place while the cost of upgrades and retrofits would, in some cases, be tens of thousands of dollars higher than estimated by the Commission.
Here is a Voice of San Diego article that further explains the complications of the regulations: Businesses Are in the Dark on New Lighting Rules.
Suffice it to say, a fix needed to occur to help make the promise of the regulations achievable and feasible. 
BOMA Cal, utilizing a group of BOMA San Diego stakeholders, worked tirelessly with the CEC on regulatory language that achieves the same, if not greater, energy savings by providing an alternative path to compliance. The alternate solution, ultimately adopted by the Commission, brings down the cost and complication of compliance and assures fewer stalled tenant improvement projects.
Here is a link to the new revised rules:
The engagement and input from our membership was invaluable through out this process and we thank you, BOMA California and the members of the Energy Commission and their staff for everyone’s diligent work on this crucial fix. 

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