Experience Exchange Report - CLOSED
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
by: Tom Magnussen, Paragon Janitorial

Section: News

Experience Exchange Report - CLOSED

BOMA San Diego’s Experience Exchange Report (EER) Committee appreciates the time taken for those who participated in this year’s survey. The information collected aids in establishing a vital resource for industry expense benchmarking. The Committee wishes to recognize in particular those submitters who contributed to this year’s inaugural Industrial Building EER. Results of this year’s survey will be available this June from BOMA International.

The BOMA SD EER Committee looks forward to educating BOMA SD’s members on how best to use the EER survey in a future seminar. If you are interested in learning more about the EER, or are interested in sharing your knowledge with BOMA membership, please contact Gabriela Davis at gabriela.davis@bdnreit.com for future committee details.

Thank you to the following sponsors for providing appreciation gifts for the local submitters:


AO Reed & Co.

Four Seasons Tree Care, Inc.

Har-Bro Construction & Consulting Inc.

Otis Elevator

Paragon Services

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