Membership Organizations: An Undervalued Resource for the Ages
Friday, May 2, 2014
by: Keith Woolgar, Brinks Services

Section: News

This is not just about BOMA.  It’s about doing the math. It’s about making the best moves.

Where else can you spend a few hundred dollars and get a return that keeps giving for years? The Lottery? A casino? The Del Mar racetrack maybe? 

For a moment, using examples of other membership organizations, let’s break it down to simpler terms. Examples that have withstood the test of time and are still a part of our lives today:

Many of us during our infancy found ourselves involved in a membership organization; churches are an example. Churches have members, members benefit from the group’s activities. The group, in turn, benefits from having more members with diverse skills and resources. Lives are influenced in important, tangible ways via these popular membership organizations which dot our cities and towns with their many meeting places, some very large and fancy…some more humble and discreet.

As children, we might join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. In high school, the sports teams and groups like the Yearbook Committee, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Chess Club and even the cheerleader squad all are little membership organizations.  The benefits of these groups last a lifetime as we develop social skills and learn lessons about working together as a group for a common cause like winning a football game, or a shared individual goal, such as improving at chess.  The chess club already has the best moves already figured out, all you have to do is show up and learn them!

Moving on to college, the Greek fraternity/sorority systems add to the lifetime membership opportunities we face. Lifelong relationships are begun there.
 Political parties are membership organizations which influence global policies and local ordinances. Are you a AAA member? If you are, you are enjoying the benefits of another membership organization that will jump start your car or bring you gas if you run out!

These membership organizations are tried and true sources of indispensible solutions and relationships for little money. Think “safety in numbers”. They have all been around for generations as their members consistently benefit from the shared experiences, and the years of solving shared problems, while enhancing the lives of like-minded members of that group.  But unlike the lottery, members can win every time by simply showing up, like the chess club.

If you are a building owner or manager, or a provider to those professions in San Diego, BOMA is this region’s membership organization for your business. As a source for new and better information, suppliers, customers, employees and peers, no other local membership organization rivals BOMA San Diego for your specific, industry needs.  

Whether you work to feed a family, build an empire or successfully make it through the next month, the leading industry resources are available to you in a manner that is---without question---the best value available, by way of the best “group business model” ever; membership!
 If you are a BOMA member, use the membership  and  leverage your investment by getting involved. If you are in the industry and considering joining, join now.  Like the chess club, the group already has the best moves figured out!