Membership Testimonials

"Personally, membership in BOMA has been valuable as a continuing source of networking opportunities, timely professional education and industry advocacy.  In fact, contacts through the BOMA network have been directly responsible for at least three of my career moves over the 22 years of my membership and will probably be responsible for the next one.  And as a result of my involvement at local, state and national levels of BOMA, I have access to a network of colleagues and friends almost literally around the world with whom I can share experiences and consult for solutions.

Active participation in BOMA has also been a great help in my professional development. The educational opportunities available through BOMA have enhanced my technical skills.  And through participation in the committees, the board of directors and as an officer, I have also been able to develop leadership and public speaking skills which have not only enhanced my personal abilities but have made me a more valuable asset for my employer.

Finally, through my membership in BOMA, I have made a number of good friends whose friendship transcends our common membership."

David Stucky
City of San Diego

"I have been a member of BOMA for over 12 years now and will continue to be a member as long as I am affiliated with the commercial real estate industry. BOMA has been invaluable to me in my career. In addition to the great relationships that I have cultivated over the years, BOMA offers me an avenue to select reputable vendors for any property that I may oversee. BOMA also offers excellent industry education, which in turn allows me to advance my knowledge and career."

Susan St. John, CPM, RPA, FMA
Scripps Health Real Estate Dept.

"As a young professional looking to advance my commercial real estate career, BOMA has proven to be more than worth the investment. BOMA San Diego is full of industry leading professionals able and willing to share experiences, advice and encouragement. In a relatively short period of time I’ve been able to build relationships that have already created career opportunities and will continue to do so in the future. Additionally, the education offerings through BOMI, administered locally through BOMA San Diego, have expanded my knowledge in all aspects of commercial real estate.  My value to my employer and our clients has significantly increased as a direct result of my participation in BOMA."

B.J. Van Aken