Take Your Membership to the Next Level!

BOMA's exclusive Associate Brown Bagger event is back for 2015! Learn the best strategies for networking within BOMA, explore how to become truly engaged as a vendor member and more on February 4. RSVP for this free event in the Events Calendar today!

2014 Legislative Recap

It was a tremendous year for BOMA San Diego’s Government Affairs Committee. BOMA’s ability to advocate on behalf of the commercial real estate industry, and influence legislation at the local and state level, is only possible because the membership is committed, passionate and dedicated. Click here to view the full legislative recap.

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Kristin Howell, RPA
BOMA San Diego


It’s hard to believe it’s already January 2015! If your new year’s resolution is to get more out of your BOMA membership, I encourage you to find one of BOMA San Diego’s committees that interests you and get involved. Joining a committee (or two!) will help you to start nurturing relationships with the people on that committee and further your networking within BOMA overall.
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